Program/Technical Services

Program and Project Management Services

Technical Services

Internationally, DSE supports Foreign Military Sales (FMS) programs for a myriad of airframes with capabilities including engineering, requirements definition, aircraft modifications, training systems, program management and finance. Our technical and management expertise on supported platforms currently extends from domestic to FMS portfolios; these portfolios encompass over 10 unique platform configurations each including aircraft and/or ship requirements and individually tailored training systems.

Our expertise extends from technical and programmatic support to operational insight. We have experience in the complete development of tactical manuals (TACMANs) and a Tactical Reference Aid (TACAID) for an international client’s use of newly purchased FMS airframes in realistic mission scenarios. The TACMAN and TACAID we developed are foundational documents tied to scientific principles for mission effectiveness and are the cornerstone of their tactical employment. Our TACMANs and TACAID also have served as the foundation for an in-Country tactical course provided to pilots and aircrewmen for the aircraft under the Navy’s FMS program that transitioned the students from operators to tacticians.

Our Senior Program Managers and Senior Engineers specify technical requirements for new tactical aircraft and training, participate as members of government design review teams, provide expert technical and program insight to government negotiators, and serve alongside acquisition managers for successful milestone reviews and production transitions. DSE business support activities include cost estimation, contract compliance oversight, Earned Value Management (EVM) consulting, tracking of deliverables, and Integrated Master Schedule (IMS) development.