Services We Offer


DSE builds upon its technical heritage and the experience of its employees to provide a wide range of program management services.

DSE’s Program and Project Management Services include:

- Acquisition Support

-Program Management Office Support

-Training System Development and Management

-Requirements Development and Tracking

-Enterprise Plan of Action and Milestones (POA&M) Development

-Project Management Guidelines Development

-Earned Value Implementation and Management Reviews

-Project Compliance Reviews

-Critical Dependencies across Projects

-Developing System Life-Cycle Documentation including Acquisition, Test, and Deployment Plans

Technical Services we offer:

-Translation of Operational Needs to Technical Requirements

- Technical Baseline Development

- Analysis of Alternatives

- Conduct Technical Design Reviews

- Milestone Technical Analysis

-Engineering Support Services

-Training Systems Management

-Simulation System Design/Development

-Tactical Manual Development

-Tactical Training Services

-Acoustic Target Tuning Services