About Don Selvy Enterprises

History of the company  

DSE was incorporated in September 1997 as a consulting business.  By February 1998, support was provided to development of aircraft training systems – including Program Management of simulators, development of curriculum and accounting of all courseware and training equipment.

Since those early beginnings, DSE has expanded to provide direct engineering support for multiple simulators consisting of hardware engineering, software engineering, systems architecture analysis, technical program management, cost accounting, and configuration management. In 2001-2003, DSE supported a project that collected the most advanced authorities in Chemical and Biological Warfare scientists in the United States.  The  project developed strategies for matching inherent U.S. Navy Chemical Biologic and Radiologic (CBR) response capabilities with civil authorities at United States ports to create a consolidated response plan.

DSE provides tactical system development and is a partner in a consortium delivering the most current and comprehensive tactical manuals and training to international clients.

Business support activities include cost estimation, contract compliance oversight, Earned Value Management (EVM) consulting, tracking of deliverables and Integrated Master Schedule (IMS) development.

DSE has leveraged a variety of contractual approaches to meet client needs. Strategic partnerships with both large and small companies as well as direct contract awards enable DSE to match the right capability to the task with the right vehicle.

Mission Statement

Don Selvy Enterprises is a team of professionals dedicated to advancing the technological basis for all aviation training to enable pilots and aircrew to fully exploit the tactical capabilities of their aircraft.  We accomplish this by using the most qualified employees and keeping abreast of every new capability in the world simulation market as it emerges.  We are dedicated to providing the best technical counsel, the latest technology trends and the best qualifications in the industry.