Company History

As a Navy pilot, Don Selvy flew the SH-2F and SH-2G Seasprite. After his flying tours, he served as a senior officer at the Office of Naval Research (ONR) on a support unit where he was the Assistant Chief of Staff for Logistics and the original Reserve lead for the ONR Future Naval Capabilities program. He entered the support side of the Navy as a contractor for a large support company working on training systems at PMA-205. As a contractor, he discovered that often there was not a place where ingenuity was encouraged, and employees were valued as individuals.
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Serving Since 1997

At the time, the Navy was heavily investing in aircraft technology updates and the unification of its aircraft procurement strategies. Don recognized this investment as an opportunity to develop an environment for highly valued, innovative, and motivated individuals. So, with the dream of creating an environment that encourages ingenuity and cares for its employees as individuals, he started Don Selvy Enterprises, Incorporated.

DSE started as a consulting business in September of 1997. By February the following year, DSE was developing aircraft training systems, spreading its reach to program management of simulators, development of curriculum, and accounting of complete courseware and training equipment. Our expansion naturally branched into providing engineering and program management for front-line aircraft and equipment supported by the training systems. DSE began and has continued to cultivate its program and technical expertise with presence on aircraft development, acquisition, and training teams for a majority of the aircraft in the Navy’s portfolio.

Throughout the years, DSE’s involvement with many projects has directly enabled front-line soldiers, sailors, and Marines to fully exploit the tactical capabilities of aviation and maritime platforms. Our partnership with other high-performing companies and innovative staff have continued to provide opportunities uniquely tied to current events.


Our wide range of expertise is constantly expanding as we seek valued members of the DSE team and work to develop each of them to their fullest potential in the field. To this day, Don continues to foster a work environment that supports ingenuity and the care for each member of the team.

Our Mission

DSE is a team of experienced professionals dedicated to engineering, training and program management to enable front-line soldiers, sailors and Marines to fully exploit the tactical capabilities of aviation and maritime platforms. We accomplish this by using the most qualified employees and keeping abreast of every new capability in aviation, maritime technologies and simulation/training technology as it emerges. We are dedicated to providing the best technical counsel, the latest technology trends, and the best qualifications in the industry.